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Bitycle, trading learning platform with artificial intelligence

Normal Trade is a specialized and integrated dashboard for professional trading

Securely connect and manage all your exchanges in Bitycle Trade Terminal

Charting Pro🏆

You can use the professional and unlimited charting space inside the trade Bitycle terminal. Various features such as multi-charts, unlimited storage and customization, and replay market are available to you. Set trade and widgets.

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Advanced widgets🚀

In the Bitycle trade terminal, you will see various useful widgets in the sidebar, including market notes, alerts, trading assistant, economic calendar, live analysis, Bitycle smart robot and trading rooms. You can arrange and space dedicated to the widget. Adjust them.

Trading and professional management of exchangeProfessional trade and managementent of exchanges💥

In Bitycle Trade Terminal, you can connect all your Iranian and foreign exchanges and manage them all at once, and you will no longer have problems logging in with fixed IP and VPN to use your exchanges. Keep in mind that Bitycle has no access to your assets and you can safely manage your assets.

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Try Bitycle for free.

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How does Bitycle help you?Bitycle is a digital currency smart assistant that provides users with all the tools needed to succeed in digital currency trading. In Bitycle, you have access to all digital currency training and trading tools such as free trading view, trade assistant and robot, training assistant, academy and trade terminal.


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