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Bitycle, trading learning platform with artificial intelligence

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In Bitycle, enter the digital currency market with the help of artificial intelligence and learn trading in an interactive and experience-oriented way.

Basic knowledge of digital currencies📚

To step into the world of digital currency trading, you must be familiar with its literature and general and specialized terms. We at Bitycle have prepared a comprehensive dictionary of concepts and terms in the field of digital currencies, by learning them you can step into this field. Also, reading the section of introductory articles on the Bitycle blog will be a good option to start with.

Educational videos🧑‍💻

After getting familiar with the basics of financial markets, you will need to take your knowledge to a higher level by watching short and practical tutorials. In the academy section, useful videos are provided for you in a leveled form. You can strengthen your trading skills by watching related videos and doing specific exercises.

Artificial intelligence feedback on your transactions in exchanges✌️

You need to experience and touch the real world after gaining knowledge and observing various trainings about the market and deal with it in real terms and see the result of your performance. The Bitycle robot gives specific and categorized feedback to your transactions, which you can use to increase your experience in the market.