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Bitycle, trading learning platform with artificial intelligence

The most professional and comprehensive trade journal of digital currencies

Record and analyze the details of each trade professionally.

Registration of transaction entry informatioLogin informationtransaction entry information📝

One of the most important characteristics of a transaction is its entry information. In addition to the main characteristics that are automatically registered for you by Bitycle itself, you can register any desired tags for each transaction. Also, the reason for entry, environmental conditions, type of transaction, dominant sense, degree of sense The allocated time and additional details can be recorded for each trade.

Registration of the first journalTraining to use

Registration of exit information and the result of the transactioExit information and transaction resulthe result of the transaction📙

After recording the events and information of entering the transaction, its real-time monitoring, as well as recording the exit information and its result, will help you to analyze your transactions and plan to improve your transactions. and register the result of the transaction, determine the limit of loss and limit of profit, the estimated time when you exit the transaction, along with additional explanations for exit, as well as determining the status of the transaction and additional explanations and results after reviewing the transaction.

Graphic analysis of trade journaGraphical analysisof trade journal📊

Collecting and recording the information of a transaction and trade is very important, but it is more important to analyze and review them, from which the strengths can be identified and strengthened and the weaknesses can be identified, adjusted and fixed. But the analysis of a large amount of information is Manual and traditional work is very complicated and exhausting. In Bitycle, you can have a graphic report of your registered journals in your trading record.

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