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Bitycle, trading learning platform with artificial intelligence

Intelligent robot for teaching digital currencies

Learn the digital currency market with the latest and most useful educational method

Real market experiencReal experienceperience🔮

Financial markets are full of people who have read a number of educational books or videos and then entered the market and suffered heavy losses. Financial markets, like riding a bicycle, require experience to become a professional in it, and only videos and books It doesn't make you an expert. In Bitycle, you have 10,000 dollars of demo balance and simulator so that you can start trading and gain experience without capital. You can also create different trading accounts and manage them separately to learn different styles.

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Analysis and feedbacProviding feedbackback🛸

Activity in the demo itself is very cold and soulless and boring, and only trading in the demo does not help us learn much. For the first time, Bitycle has provided the possibility to analyze your behavior and the behavior of the market after each transaction. According to that, a feedback will be provided to you and you can interact with the robot and ask him to inform you about the introduction, training and details of each feedback, or create a specific exercise from the past market for you according to the level of knowledge he has identified from you. to do

Personalization for you🎯

Bitycle's intelligent robot, which is responsible for mentoring and training you with the owl. It has the possibility to be personalized by you for your needs. You can completely disable the items that you are not interested in receiving feedback, or the level of sensitivity and Determine the importance of each indicator for yourself. If you are not familiar with the indicators and their performance, the capsule guide in front of them will be helpful for you.

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