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Bitycle, trading learning platform with artificial intelligence

Integrated interactive and experience-oriented system of digital currency market

Learn more about the digital currency market using interactive educational services at Bitycle.

Multipurpose and integrated academVersatile and integratedated academy🏢

In Bitycle Academy, you can compare and choose all the specialized products and services of the digital currency market that you need in a comprehensive platform. In Bitycle Academy, you can find all interactive courses, specialized webinars, specialized seminars and analyzes and replays and educational videos. You can use it categorized and stratified in an integrated way.

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Interactive and specialized blocks🔆

In Bitycle Academy, the contents and courses offered are different from anywhere else in the world. The main feature of all Bitycle courses is that they are interactive and experience-oriented. For example, after watching a training video of 7 specialized and interactive blocks, such as analytical exercises, trading exercises, live examples and replays, etc., you will see that in a deeper way Your learning will be of great help.

Practical and experience oriented

In Bitycle Academy, you are always challenging what you have learned, and you should try to analyze in practice the selected intervals of the course professor and share opinions and solve problems with the course professor or mentor in the mentoring panel. Mentor and professor The course will also allow you to edit and complete your analysis and your interaction will be maximum.

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How does Bitycle help you?Bitycle is a digital currency smart assistant that provides users with all the tools needed to succeed in digital currency trading. In Bitycle, you have access to all digital currency training and trading tools such as free trading view, trade assistant and robot, training assistant, academy and trade terminal.


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