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Bitycle, trading learning platform with artificial intelligence

Interactive and integrated digital currency service platform

Provide more specialized and interactive services in an integrated space using the Bitycle platform.

Integrated digital currency service platforIntegrated platform currency service platform🔗

Iran's digital currency market is filled with theoretical solutions and inefficient trainings, on the Bitycle platform, you will be able to provide interactive and experience-oriented services, which will provide you with a suitable functional differentiation to provide more extensive and high-quality services compared to other competitors. do.

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Simple and easy management

On the Bitycle platform, you will have a simple dashboard where you can manage your academy and collection away from complexities. You will create exercises and interactive blocks, you will have access to the mentoring and analysis space of users, and you will manage registered users.

Interactive platform and digital currency experiencInteractive and experiencedigital currency experience🚀

In the Bitycle platform, you will have a wide variety of blocks that you can provide your training and services with the latest methods in the world and achieve higher efficiency for your users. Trading exercises, analytical exercises, market replay, examples Live success and failure, and file and link blocks, etc. are examples of interactive blocks in Bitycle's infrastructure.

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How does Bitycle help you?Bitycle is a digital currency smart assistant that provides users with all the tools needed to succeed in digital currency trading. In Bitycle, you have access to all digital currency training and trading tools such as free trading view, trade assistant and robot, training assistant, academy and trade terminal.


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