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Bitycle, trading learning platform with artificial intelligence

Real-time monitoring of technical data, such, macro economy, sentiment

Check and monitor all the important data of the digital currency market in Bitycle Studio

Specialized indicators of digital currencies📈

There are various indicators in the digital currency market, each of which can be analyzed and monitored to check the market volatility. These data are very rare and access to them will result in exorbitant costs. You will have access to all indicators of the digital currency market, including technical indicators, such as macroeconomic and sentiment indicators.

Entering the studio

Real-time monitoring of indicatorMomentary observation of indicators🕔

In Bitycle studio, checking and analyzing all of them in a wide volume of indicators requires knowledge, expertise and a lot of time. In Bitycle studio, you can be a monitor and real-time report of effective indicators and the latest events of that market.

Digital currency market analysis assistanAnalysis assistantmarket analysis assistant🪄

In Bitycle studio, we have tried to have semi-automatic assistants so that you can easily check the markets and find trading positions. For example, you can automatically see all the widely used divergences on the chart and they will be drawn by Bitycle's assistant. Or identify different candlestick patterns or trend lines.

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Try Bitycle for free.

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How does Bitycle help you?Bitycle is a digital currency smart assistant that provides users with all the tools needed to succeed in digital currency trading. In Bitycle, you have access to all digital currency training and trading tools such as free trading view, trade assistant and robot, training assistant, academy and trade terminal.


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