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Bitycle, trading learning platform with artificial intelligence

Live and interactive analyzes of digital currencies

Publish your analysis live and interactively using Bitycle's charting infrastructure

The best live cryptocurrency analysiLive analytics cryptocurrency analysis📈

In Bitycle's interactive and charting infrastructure, you can see the analyzes of users and market experts separately for each market and see and check each one separately on the chart. The analyzes are published with full specifications, which you can read the user's description along with to predict the movement. View the market and analysis horizon as well as entry and exit points.

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Publishing live analysis of digital currenciereleasehing live analysis of digital currencies📤

You can perform your own analysis in Bitycle Charting and if you wish, you can publish your analysis by recording details such as the title, explanations, direction of market movement, time horizon and limits of profit and loss. You can also publish your live analysis simply Share with the link for your intended users and not be available to the public.

Live review of digital currency analysiCheck review of digital currency analysis🔦

In every live analysis, you can check your analysis on the chart in addition to checking the analysis live and viewing its specifications. You can also see the reaction of the market to the published analysis by pressing the poly button, which can be verified to what extent. A person's analysis has been in accordance with the movement and trend of the market.

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